Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Choosing a Home Brewing Kit

There are many different home brewing kits on the market to day so it can be difficult choosing one that will suit your needs. Each home brewing kit has a target audience for example some will appeal to the more casual home brewer while others more for the more advanced home brewers.

Many home brewing kits such as Mr Beer, Coopers and the beer machine are targeted for the casual home brewer with many of the features of the kit aimed at making it as easy as possible to brew. All these kit will use something that is known as a beer can or premade wort this removes a significant amount of time from the brewing of a beer.

The process to make a beer for the casual home brewing kit involves mixing the premade wort with some sugar or a combination of malts. Water is then added to this mix until it reaches the right amount for the kit then the yeast is pitched and the fermentation begins. After this you will be able to bottle your beer and age it for a time you think is suitable. The longer you age a beer the more the tastes and texture will develop.